Each of my clients receive support services starting at the first prenatal appointment. We will communicate and meet before your expectant due date and come up with your personalized birth plan. It's important everyone creates their own birth plan, whether you're planning a traditional hospital birth, home birth, or scheduled cesarean.

*Please acknowledge that it is not within my Doula scope of practice to provide medical services/attention to you or baby at any point during our time together.*

Prenatal Visits:

  • 2-3 in person visits to discuss your goals for your delivery
  • Childbirth education
  • Lactation expectations and education for postpartum support
  • Birth plan expectations and resources
  • Partner support expectations
  • Advocacy outline
  • Full access to communicate to me via phone/email

Labor & Delivery

  • I'm on call for you 24/7 when you're expecting labor to begin
  • Guarantee arrival to your home or hospital within 2 hours of getting a call that you're in labor
  • Full support during the entire labor by providing comfort measures, education, and compassion
  • Education on the stages of labor and coping methods
  • Optimal position changes, if you're comfortable, to help labor progression
  • Epidural support - position changes, hydration, massage
  • Partner support and encouragement while you're in labor - education on providing comfort measures and being involved
  • Complete advocacy for your birth plan by communicating your wishes to the providers
  • Compassion, encouragement, LOVE

Lactation Services

  • Once baby arrives, I'll remain for 1-2 hours to aid in lactation 
  • Education on proper latch and optimal positions
  • Lactation education on the stages of milk supply
  • Education on the expected feeding requirements for new baby
  • Connection with a lactation consultant if necessary

Postpartum Visits

  • 1-2 postpartum visits 3-7 days after you're home with baby
  • Wellness check-up on how you're feeling and healing
  • Wellness check-up for baby - feeding, diapering, sleeping
  • Resources provided for any additional help you need
  • Partner support on how they are adjusting 
  • Assistance with follow up appointment scheduling if needed 

During one or both postpartum visits, I can help with baby while you rest, take a shower, do light housework, or get something to eat. It's a big adjustment, so remembering that you need time for yourself is huge. I am here to help in any way that I can!

*Everything provided can be tailored to your specific wants and needs. Not every birth looks the same and I am here to be fluid and support.