Hi, I'm Raelyn!

As a trained Doula, my main focus is to provide you with the birth experience that you desire. Every birth is beautiful and unique to every birthing person. As a mother myself, I realize now how differently I wish my birth experiences had been. It's my passion and mission to ensure everyone has an advocate for a safe, compassionate, loving, and beautiful birth experience that THEY want. 

What is a Doula?

A Doula is a non-medical professional that provides support and advocacy through their client's pregnancy and birth. We assist in helping you create your birth plan and ensure you receive the birth you desire. We provide childbirth education for both the birthing person and their partner. We provide prenatal support and help you feel ready and empowered for when the time comes to meet your baby. We are trained in providing comfort measures during labor and delivery to help ease pain and anxiety for both you and your partner. We are trained in optimal positions, counter pressures, and beyond to help baby arrive safely and reduce risk of injury to mom.  Birth is a big deal! We are there to remind you that you are powerful, beautiful, and exactly where you need to be. We are present during labor and delivery and provide full support, education, and love. 

After baby is here, we also assist in lactation services to ensure baby has the optimal start. Breastfeeding isn't easy and it can take practice and support. We are there to help with proper latch, education, and encouragement. You CAN do it! We also provide postpartum services to family's as well. Whether this is your first birth or your third, everyone needs support during that time. We can provide you with resources, physical, and mental support in the first few days/weeks after baby is home. 

A little about me...

I am a mother of two scrumptious girls. I also have two awesome step-children as well. My husband and I have been together for nearly 10 years and still going strong. When we are not working, which we work at the same place, we are home enjoying our children and animals. We'd like to say we have a zoo. Four kids, two dogs, two cats, four chickens, and two pigs! I absolutely love to cook! If I wasn't a Doula then I'd own a food truck. I really enjoy drawing and being creative as a way to relieve stress. I am very lighthearted and I enjoy meeting people and making people laugh. If I don't make you laugh, then I have failed! I am also a Christ follower and proud of it!